Welcome to Professional Training Association

Professional Training Association is a Washington non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax exempt and public charity status. We created this organization to support rural development and communities. Our focus is on supporting small to mid-sized utilities.

  • Wastewater


    The wastewater field offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Click on the image for details on our wastewater treatment workshops.
  • Drinking Water

    Drinking Water

    Drinking water is on everyone's mind. Click on the image for more information on classes about drinking water quality and treatment.
  • Pumps & Motors

    Pumps & Motors

    Pumps and motors are essential to water and wastewater treatment and conveyance. We share the basic functions as well as everything related to proper selection, placement, operations, and maintenance of pumps and motors. Click on the image for workshop details.
  • Intake of a surface water treatment facility

    Intake of a surface water treatment facility

    Sophisticated water treatment technology makes it possible to produce high quality drinking water from surface water such as lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Click on the image for more information on drinking water treatment.
  • Compliance


    Rules and regulations provide the framework for what drinking water and wastewater operations must do to protect public health and the environment. We will help you remain in compliance with your local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. Click on the image for more details.
  • Laboratory


    Lab testing is part of the daily routine in water and wastewater operations. These tests are used to provide treatment process as well as water quality information. Our lab classes guide you through test procedures, QA/QC, compliance, and more. For information on lab classes click on the image.
  • Resource Management

    Resource Management

    Asset management, budget development, grant applications, rate studies, resiliency, emergency preparedness, project management, succession planning, workforce development . . . these are all issues utilities are addressing to become reliable and sustainable operations. Click on the image for more details on classes addressing these issues.
  • Solids management

    Solids management

    Solids management and disposal are a daily part of many water and wastewater operations. Learn more about solids management technologies and processes, biosolids, composting, and more. For information on solids management workshops click on the image.
  • Communications & SCADA

    Communications & SCADA

    Modern technology meets traditional water and wastewater treatment. Let us help you better understand SCADA technology and communications systems and how they can improve your system's performance. Click on the image for workshop details.