About our classes

Professional Training Association (PTA)

We develop and structure our training so that our students can see direct correlations between the presented material and their operations. Whenever possible we include real life examples, tours of facilities, and hands-on exercises to demonstrate how the subject matter is applied in their every day life. We offer laboratory classes in a real laboratory setting to give all students the opportunity to practice the procedures that were discussed in the class room.

For more details and examples of workshops Professional Training Association offers please select one of the areas from the pull-down menu above or contact us for more information.

We also offer individual classes customized to your needs. Contact us to discuss your challenges and together we will develop a one time workshop or curriculum that spans over several sessions to address your training needs.

We like to think of our training to be “from the water professionals for the water professionals”. Although our instructors and members have extensive experience in the water and wastewater arena, we ALWAYS want to hear from you about what training you are looking for. Please send your suggestions to Erika@pro-train.org or call us at 360-490-2426.