Biosolids Treatment Live Online

Biosolids processing

Solids processing is an important step in wastewater treatment. In this 3 hour “Biosolids Treatment” live online training we will introduce the various biosolids treatment processes commonly applied in wastewater treatment.

We will explain:

  • national, state and local regulatory framework for Class A and Class B biosolids and disposal
  • various dewatering processes & equipment
  • commonly applied treatment processes to obtain class A, B, or Exceptional biosolids
  • pros & cons of available treatment technology
  • how to recognize problems and effectively troubleshoot process deficiencies

Throughout this live online Biosolids Treatment” workshop we will discuss real life scenarios to demonstrate how to apply the information to your treatment process.

This class provides you with important knowledge of the sludge digestion and biosolids treatment processes necessary for successful solids processing in wastewater treatment operations. The information presented in this class is also essential in the preparation for your wastewater operator exam.