Biosolids Treatment

With an increased focus on water quality, particularly as impacted by potential contaminants, the use, reuse and disposition of biosolids has become an increasing concern in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

Our two day “Biosolids Treatment” workshop explains the issues faced by municipalities trying to handle increasing amounts of biosolids being produced as population growth and migration impacts areas formerly unencumbered by such issues. Discussion of classification, available treatment technologies, and guiding principles of disposal selection will be the major topics as the student seeks to gain an understanding of the growing concern.

In this workshop you will:

  • become familiar with the terminology of biosolids production and disposition
  • study national, state and local regulatory framework for Class A and Class B treatment and disposal
  • explore how to successfully evaluate treatment options
  • learn how to achieve treatment goals
  • identify how to address various disposal conditions
  • discuss biosolids properties
  • explore contaminant challenges
  • learn how to recognize problems and troubleshoot deficiencies effectively
  • discuss what to consider when fine tuning your decision-making process
  • practice problem solving to successfully answer problems encountered in certification exams

Our “Biosolids Treatment” workshop will provide you with essential skills to effectively determine your treatment options, enabling you to succeed in your career, and obtain or maintain your water operator certification.

Throughout our “Biosolids Treatment” workshop we will discuss real life scenarios to demonstrate how to apply the available information. To help you better understand and become comfortable with how to apply the material covered in this class we will work through a variety of exercises reflecting problems and situations you may encounter while working with a myriad of municipal, governmental, private and public shareholders.