Collection Systems & Liftstations

Wastewater operations do not start at the wastewater treatment facility but include the sewer collection system, which consists of conveyance pipes, pumps, and liftstations. Many of the problems we encounter in the wastewater treatment plant also cause headaches in the collections systems. Grease build up, debris blocking screens, root penetrating pipes and tanks, grid build up, pump failure, increased flow, etc. are only a few of the challenges collection systems are dealing with on a daily basis.

In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss the principles of collection systems and their components
  • Explore the challenges these systems are facing
  • Explain techniques and steps helpful to maintain and troubleshoot your collections system
  • What parameters to monitor at liftstations


Our “Collection Systems & Liftstations” class will share the information and tools you need to better understand and operate your collections systems and liftstations. This class will also provide you with knowledge commonly asked for in wastewater operator exams.


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