Energy Assessments – what are they & how to

In this workshop we discuss the importance of monitoring your operation’s energy consumption, how process or equipment changes can affect energy usage, and how you can conduct internal energy assessments. You also learn how simple operational changes can save a lot of money without risking treatment quality. Among other topics we will talk about the following:

  • Why save energy, why is it important understand the importance of energy savings at a treatment plant.
  • The treatment plant is the largest user of energy at most cities.
  • There are many ways to save energy at a treatment plant from small saving to quite large savings.
  • Analyzing way your plant can save energy.
  • Ways to save money without investment.
  • Blowers are the largest user of energy at a treatment plant, how can we maximize the system to be able to save energy?
  • How to improve treatment and save energy at the same time.
  • VFDs, are they good or bad?
  • Researching equipment from an energy point of view.
  • Funding opportunities