Excel spreadsheet for Water & Wastewater Operators; Live Online

Excel Spreadsheet

In this 3 hour live online “Excel Spreadsheet for Water & Wastewater Operators” workshop we will discuss how and where Excel spreadsheet software is commonly used in water and wastewater operations.

On screen we will navigate spreadsheets and demonstrate commonly used water and wastewater formulas. You will learn how to use functions such as:

  • setting up tables & forms
  • inserting & deleting rows & columns
  • formatting cells
  • protecting forms
  • entering data into cells
  • auto-filling cells
  • sorting data in a table
  • searching data in a spreadsheet
  • using the “copy” & “paste” functions
  • creating & setting up math formulas
  • generating graphs
  • printing spreadsheets and tables using a variety of printing options


Throughout this class we will use real life examples of spreadsheets currently used in water and wastewater operations to calculate, track, and report process and laboratory data.