Introduction to Sanitary Surveys”, Live Online

Group A Public Water Systems (PWS) are regulated by the federal. state, and local regulations. A Sanitary Survey evaluates a water system’s records, facilities, and processes to determine if conditions currently present a public health hazard or could potentially lead to future hazards. All WA Group A PWSs must submit to a sanitary system on an either 3 or 5 year schedule. With help of sanitary surveys public water systems can identify and address areas that currently or in the future may create a risk to public health protection.


In this 3 hour “Introduction to Sanitary Surveys” LIVE ONLINE workshop we will introduce & discuss the 8 components addressed during every routine Sanitary Survey:

  1. Planning & management documentation

  2. Operator certification status

  3. Source & sanitary control area

  4. Source pumps & pumping facilities

  5. Source treatment procedures & equipment

  6. Pressure tanks

  7. Finished water storage

  8. Distribution system and cross connection control program

In addition, we will explore how to prepare for a sanitary survey, respond to sanitary survey findings, report violations, and how to communicate with your regulator.