Laboratory Accreditation & Compliance

Analytical data produced for regulatory compliance must meet many state and federal requirements.  Laboratories conducting analyses for compliance purposes are required to be accredited by the Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) and regularly demonstrate their qualifications and performance.

Our “Laboratory Accreditation and Compliance” workshop explains the overall requirements for laboratory accreditation with the Washington Department of Ecology. We will point out what information you will have to prepare and submit with your application and how you can demonstrate your lab’s capabilities and performance.

We will discuss the purpose of laboratory audits, what DOE’s Lab Accreditation Unit will be looking for, and how to prepare for an audit by the DOE’s Lab Accreditation Unit.

Furthermore, you will learn about your responsibilities to respond to audit findings and suggestions on how to develop a corrective action plan in response to the audit findings.

In our “Laboratory Accreditation and Compliance” workshop we will specifically address accreditation requirements related to general chemistry (BOD, TSS, DO, Turbidity, Ammonia, Nitrate) and microbiology (Total and Fecal Coliform).

Representatives of the DOE Lab Accreditation Unit will provide real life scenarios to describe the challenges commonly observed during accreditation and audits of laboratories performing tests for wastewater compliance. This workshop will also provide a great opportunity to get to know DOE Lab Accreditation Unit staff and get answers to those questions you’ve always been meaning to ask.

This “Laboratory Accreditation & Compliance” workshop will provide you with an essential understanding of Laboratory accreditation requirements, how to remain compliant with these requirements, and how to address audit deficiencies.