Microscopic Examination of Wastewater – Protozoans & Metazoans; LIVE ONLINE

Prptozoans & metazoans in wastewater

Microscopic examination of wastewater is an excellent tool for identifying a wastewater treatment process’ “health and condition”. Frequent microscopic examinations can provide valuable information about the condition of the microorganisms in the various phases of the treatment process and allow the operator to identify changes that may cause a plant upset or permit violations. Often changes to the microbial conditions can be observed much earlier than physiochemical changes can be detected in the laboratory or visually in the field.


During this workshop we will discuss:

  • identify protozoans, such as ciliates, flagellates, and amoebas
  • identify metazoans, such as rotifers, water bears, and worms
  • learn how to use protozoans and metazoans as indicators for wastewater treatment conditions
  • discuss the impact of protozoans and metazoans on wastewater operations
  • explore control measures for the mitigation of protozoans and metazoans


This 3 hour “Microscopic Examination of Wastewater – Protozoans & Metazoans” live online workshop is part of a series of workshops focusing on microscopy as a tool in wastewater treatment.