Overview of Asset Management

Most of us will agree that an effective Asset Management Program is beneficial for larger public utilities. The truth, however, is that an Asset Management Plan is beneficial for ALL water and wastewater operations. Managing our equipment, infrastructure, and resources is just as important for a small home owners association as it is for a big city. Funding is tight for all operations and careful asset management can help us make the best of our resources and funding.

This training will offer a step-by-step overview of what to consider when you develop an effective Asset Management Plan. We will help you better understand what your facility currently has in asset information, what tools are available to you to track your assets, and why an Asset Management Plan can minimize cost and extend the life cycle of your assets.


In this 3 hour LIVE ONLINE workshop we will discuss:

  • Overview of Asset Management
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Knowing What You Have
  • Maintaining Your Assets
  • Asset Preservation, Renewal, and Replacement
  • Future Financial Needs
  • Complying with GASB 34
  • Integrated Asset Management Systems
  • Meeting the Challenge and Making the Case