Review & Prep for Wastewater Operator Level 3 & 4 Certification Exam; Live Online

Did you know that the majority of individuals taking the Wastewater Operator Level III of IV Certification Exam do not pass their test? Many end up taking the exam multiple times. Professional Training Association interviewed operators, managers, regulators, and trainers to learn about what topics operators are struggling with. We have designed this course to address the areas in which test takers often achieve low scores and to help you in your preparation for your exam.

Studying wastewater treatment manuals, talking to other operators, learning test taking skills . . . are all great steps that will help you pass your exam. Exam preparation classes, however, are a excellent tool to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Our live online “Review & Prep for Wastewater Operator Level III & IV Certification Exam” workshop will explain what to expect from the exam, provide you with tips on “test taking”, and help you identify areas you may want to focus on during your additional exam prep activities. In this workshop we will also:

  • review advanced operating, maintenance, and troubleshooting principles associated with:
    • collection systems
    • pump stations
    • preliminary treatment
    • primary treatment
    • secondary treatment
    • tertiary treatment
    • disinfection
    • solids handling
    • sample collection
    • wastewater laboratory tests, equipment, and skills
  • discuss safety procedures as they apply to wastewater operations
  • reinforce basic management principles
  • explain how to make sense of word problems and determine how to obtain the correct answer
  • practice complex math problems as you may see on the test

  • share tips for how to prepare yourself for the exam
  • explore test taking techniques
  • provide many opportunities to practice and solve problems typical of those encountered on certification exams


Completing this training will help you move your thought process from “operation mode” into the “test taking mode” and boost your confidence in your ability to pass the exam.


This live online “Review & Prep for Wastewater Operator Level III & IV Certification Exams” workshop consists of six sessions (totalling 21 hours class time) held over a two week period.