Review & Prep for Drinking Water Operator Level I & II Certification Exam

You made the decision that it is time to take your Drinking Water Operator Certification Exam. Now what? Whether you are new to the field or have been working in it for years, taking the certification exam can be unnerving and requires a lot of preparation. Studying drinking water treatment manuals, talking to other operators, learning test taking skills . . . these are all great steps that will help you successfully pass your exam. Exam prep classes are great opportunities to hear about what to expect from the exam, refresh your knowledge, identify your strengths and weaknesses, learn from fellow operators how they were successful with taking other exams, and more.

Our two day “Review & Prep for Drinking Water Operator Level I & II Certification Exam” workshop is perfect for operators who are working on taking their certification exam. This class will explain what to expect from the exam and help you identify areas you may want to focus on during your exam prep activities. In this workshop we will:

  • Review:
    • Basic water system components
    • Safe Drinking Water Act regulations
    • Sample collection
    • Disinfection
    • Fluoridation
    • Water storage
    • Basic distribution system components & operations
    • Pumps, motors, and mechanical systems
    • Principles of Groundwater systems
    • Principles of Surface water systems
    • Safety
  • Explain how to make sense of word problems and determine how to obtain the correct answer
  • Address math formulas as they apply to water systems

  • Provide many opportunities to practice and solve problems typical of those encountered on certification exams
  • Share tips for how to prepare yourself for the exam
  • Explore test taking techniques

This two-day “Review & Prep for Drinking Water Operator Level I & II Certification Exam” workshop will help you move your thought process from operation mode into the “test taking mode” and boost your confidence in your ability to pass the exam.