Standard Operating Procedures – Best Practices; Live Online

SOPs for Drinking Water & Wastewater Operations

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are key to any successful operation. SOPs are an essential component of any training program, provide consistency in processes, and are often required for regulatory compliance. Water and wastewater treatment operations rely on SOPs to establish standards for process operations, calibration of instrumentation and meters, maintenance of equipment, and more.


In this 3 hour live online “Standard Operating Procedures – Best Practices” workshop we will discuss:

  • the difference between the equipment manuals and SOPs
  • how to best describe and express procedures
  • who to involve in the SOP development process
  • where to locate the information required for the SOP
  • the general layout and expectations of SOPs
  • what it means that the SOP is a “living document” and how and when to update SOPs


Throughout this class we will discuss why and how a variety of approaches to writing SOPs apply and what to consider for YOUR situation.