Taking the Mystery out of Pumps

Pumps are part of the daily life of any water or wastewater professional. Whether we pump water from the aquifer to provide drinking water, transfer sludge for further processing, or dispose of final effluent, we utilize pumps in general, and in many cases we use centrifugal pumps. Selecting, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting pumps is complex and requires knowledge of mechanics, physics, math, hydraulics, and more.


Our “Taking the Mystery out of Pumps” workshop helps you understand how pumps work, how to select the proper pump for the job, how to optimize pump operations, basic maintenance, and more.

We will use real pumps & parts, images, and videos to help you visualize the internal parts and functions of a pump.


In this class we:

  • Identify key centrifugal pump components
  • Learn about centrifugal force
  • Explain the pump performance curve
  • Discuss Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH), what it is and how it can affect pump performance
  • Learn about “The power of one, two, three” (The Affinity Laws)
  • Discuss series and parallel pump operation
  • Explore consequences of operating outside of the best efficiency point
  • Explain cavitation
  • Learn how to field test a pump / lift station
  • Discuss troubleshooting and basic pump maintenance


This “Taking the Mystery out of Pumps” workshop provides you with the essential understanding of pumps necessary to succeed in your career and obtain or maintain your water or wastewater operator certification.

CEUs: 0.7 Water & Wastewater CEUs