Values Statement

Professional Training Association is committed to follow our guiding values:

Professional Training Association values and respects water’s fundamental importance to life, the general environment and the local economy for current and future generations. Within our organization, democracy, broad participation, cooperation, diversity of views and expertise, mutual respect, sharing of enthusiasm, and attempts at consensus are highly valued.

As an organization that focuses on education and training, our integrity and credibility are critical. Expert opinion and collaboration on mission related information is essential and is sought within and outside of the organization.


We are truthful, accountable, and transparent.

We judiciously use the resources entrusted to us.

We are responsible and accountable for our actions and results.


We set high standards that incorporate innovation and efficiency.

We deliver superior customer service.

We apply best business practices and strive to continuously improve.


We treat others as we would like to be treated.

We show consideration for each other.

We value each person’s contribution and encourage the sharing of ideas.


We listen, communicate openly, and encourage the respectful exchange of ideas.

We actively solicit and carefully consider the views of others.

We share knowledge and information with each other.

We seek and foster partnerships that leverage our capacity to accomplish our mission.

Continuous Improvement

We constantly aim to be effective, innovative, and efficient.

We are a learning organization and promote continuous development.

We measure, monitor, analyze, and improve our processes, tasks, and ourselves to provide the best service to our clients and stakeholders.