Board Members & Officers

Gary Mills, Director, President

40+ years of experience in business and program development. Gary’s strong business background helps us be a strong, reliant, resilient, financially responsible, and innovative organization.

Brian Matthews, Director, Vice President

Over 25 years experience in engineering, water and wastewater utilities design & upgrades, and utilities management. Brian’s extensive experience in utilities management provides insight in the processes and challenges our utilities experience on a daily basis.

Ben Mangeng, Director, Secretary

Over 10 years experience in IT support for water and wastewater utilities including communications & SCADA. Ben provides strength and support in technology and information services and keeps our system going.

Director – Vacant

Erika Schwender, Treasurer & Executive Director

27+ years experience in water and wastewater treatment, laboratory operations, management, compliance, and training. Her strong background in water and wastewater utilities operations and management as well as her experience as a representative of a variety of state regulatory agencies contribute to the extensive knowledge and experience Professional Training Association offers to the utility community.