Custom Training

Professional Training Association offers custom training for most any topic relevant to water & wastewater operations, including compliance, laboratory, finance, grant applications & grants management, project management, resource management, operations, distributions, equipment or process specific training, and more.

To make technical assistance for utilities in remote locations even easier, Professional Training Association is now offering remote technical assistance and training using video conferencing.


Custom training can be attractive for many reasons:

  • provides uniform training to all employees aka brings everyone onto the same page
  • explains specific subject matter as it applies to YOUR operation
  • addresses existing conditions or proactive efforts to prevent potential health, environmental, compliance problems
  • is cost effective
  • doesn’t require travel expenses for each attending employee


We offer our custom training in multiple formats:

  • Specialized custom training: We will work together with you to develop specialized training customized to your organizations’ needs. This training will be offered to your organization’s employees only and is held at your location of choice.
  • Training that utilizes general format and materials. This training will be offered to your organization’s employees only and is held at your location of choice.
  • Collaborative training events organized by a group of local utilities. This training provides an opportunity for smaller utilities to bring training to their area and provide training to their employees without travel expenses. Typically, the utilities will coordinate with each other to determine the training topic, commit to a minimum # of attendees, and provide a training facility. PTA will take care of all administrative activities and provides the training.
  • “Grassroots” training events: PTA works together with individuals / operators to bring training to an area that typically does not offer in-person workshops. All you need to do is organize 10 people to register and provide the training room and we do the rest. It’s easier than you think: the 10 people don’t all have to be from the same organization. Talk to the operators in your area and see if they are interested in working together with you on getting some training to your area and give us a call.


For more information on custom training please contact us at 360-490-2426 or via email at