Decades Worth of Wastewater Experience

Learning from each others’ experiences has always been a huge part of how we become successful operators and manage our daily activities in wastewater treatment. In this 3 hour live online workshop we will review experiences of wastewater operators and explore what we can learn from them.

The instructor will share victories as well as mistakes made throughout his 33 years of experience as a WA wastewater operator.

In this class, we will discuss common and NOT so common scenarios encountered when operating wastewater treatment operations situations reaching from:

  • Any imaginable process between start up of a treatment operation to final discharge
  • Lab issues to process control decisions
  • Digester operations to dewatering decisions
  • Regulatory challenges to dealing with local governing entities


During this class we highly encourage your participation and sharing of YOUR experiences. EVERYONE has a story to share and we believe that by hearing what other operators have gone through in their daily life as an operators, we can help others become better operators.