Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment; Live Online

This 3 hour “Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment” live online training will explain he basic principles applied in wastewater treatment. You will learn about the path wastewater will follow from where it is generated to where the treated water is discharged.

We will discuss the components of a wastewater system and explain their functions starting with the collection system and headworks, moving to primary and secondary treatment followed by disinfection and ending with the disposal of treated water. Furthermore, you will learn about solids management and biosolids disposal.

Throughout the workshop you will become familiar with the terminology, treatment conditions, and challenges commonly found in the wastewater industry.

Additionally, you will get introduced to the equipment used in wastewater treatment, such as screens, mixers, aerators, chlorinators, UV disinfection, screw presses, belt presses, dryers, SCADA, and more.

This “Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment” live online workshop will provide you with an essential understanding of the principles and processes applied in wastewater treatment. This class is also accepted as training towards obtaining or maintaining your wastewater operator certification.