How to Choose a Contract Laboratory; Live Online

What to look for when selecting a contract laboratory

Whether you are operating a public drinking water system or a wastewater treatment facility, regulations require you to perform water quality monitoring. Some utilities utilize contract laboratories while others have internal laboratories that perform this work for them. In either case, you, the utility, is responsible for the data reported to the regulatory agencies – NOT the laboratory.

Our 3 hour live online “How to choose a contract laboratory” workshop will discuss what you should look for when selecting your contract laboratory.

We will discuss:

  • Approved analytical methods for your permit requirement
  • Lab accreditation
    • analytical method
    • matrix
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control protocols
  • SOPs
  • Analytical turn around times
  • Communication & notifications
  • Lab business hours & how they can accommodate your emergency needs
  • Report
    • format
    • delivery time
  • Lab audit results
  • Laboratory visit / inspection
  • References
  • Pricing

In addition, we will discuss, how your lab can assist you in resolving regulatory compliance issues. 

You will also learn what type of information laboratory clients commonly ask for to be included in their reports or during an investigation.