Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures – Best Practices; Live Online

Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

During this 3 hour live online “Laboratory SOPs – Best Practices” workshop we will explain what information should be included in Laboratory SOPs and what language to use to best describe the lab processes.

Analytical data produced for regulatory compliance must meet many state and federal requirements. Laboratories conducting analyses for compliance purposes are required to be accredited and regularly demonstrate their qualifications and performance. One of the requirements of becoming an accredited laboratory is to develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all activities in the laboratory that are involved in producing analytical data.

SOPs, in general, are key to any successful operation. Laboratory SOPs are an essential component of assuring the lab produces reliable, accurate, defensible data, and are necessary for any laboratory producing analytical data for regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, Laboratory SOPS are indispensable in any training program, provide consistency in processes, such as calibration of instrumentation and meters, QC protocols, chemical and reagent preparation, maintenance of equipment, waste management, reporting, and more.

In this workshop we will:

  • explore the general layout and expectations of Lab SOPs
  • explain how to best describe and express procedures
  • point out where to locate the information required for the SOPs
  • explain the difference between an analytical method and an SOP
  • discuss why and how a variety of approaches to writing SOPs apply and what to consider for YOUR situation.
  • explore what it means when we say an “SOP is a ‘living document’ and how and when to update SOPs.


Our live online “Laboratory SOPs – Best Practices” workshop will provide you with essential information you need to obtain or maintain laboratory accreditation.