Principles of BNR

“Principles of Biological Nutrient Removal” Workshop

In this workshop we explain the principles of nutrient removal and how treatment processes and technology are utilized to manage the nitrogen and phosphorus levels throughout your wastewater treatment facility and final effluent. We will:

  • Discuss why Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) is necessary.
  • Explain the basic principles of the function of BNR plants.
  • Clarify strategies to operate your BNR plant successfully (process control).
  • Discuss and evaluate the operations of different types of BNR plant configurations.
  • Explore how to utilize nitrification.
  • Explain problems that BNR operators face.
  • Illustrate cost saving strategies that can be incorporated into BNR processes.


Throughout our “Principles of Biological Nutrient Removal” workshop we will utilize real life scenarios to demonstrate how to apply this information in wastewater treatment operations. To help you better understand and become comfortable with how to apply the material covered in this class we will work through a variety of exercises reflecting problems and situations you may encounter while working at a wastewater treatment facility.

Our “Principles of Biological Nutrient Removal” workshop will provide you with essential skills to operate your treatment facility, succeed in your career, and obtain or maintain your water operator certification.