Principles of Trickling Filters, RBC, Biotowers, MBBR, and Lagoons; Live Online

Trickling Filter, RBCs, MBBRs, Lagoon

This 3 hour “Principles of Trickling Filters, RBCs, Biotower, MBBR, and Lagoons” live online training will explain the principles applied in Trickling Filters, RBCs, Biotowers, MBBRs, and Lagoons operations.

We will also introduce you to terminology commonly used in wastewater treatment using these treatment processes.

Throughout the workshop you will become familiar with the treatment systems components, treatment conditions, and challenges commonly encountered when operating Trickling Filters, RBCs, Biotower, MBBRs, and Lagoons.

This “Principles of Trickling Filters, RBCs, Biotower, MBBRs, and Lagoons” live online workshop will provide you with an essential understanding of these treatment processes and provide you with the knowledge required for wastewater treatment operator certification. This class is accepted as training towards obtaining or maintaining your wastewater operator certification.