Secondary Treatment – how to maximize your treatment process

“Process Control” is a big topic and successful process control requires in depth knowledge of many different areas of wastewater collection and treatment. This workshop will provide you with practical information on what to monitor and how to fine tune your treatment process. We will focus on everyday operations activities and how you can make changes to improve operational efficiency and effluent quality.


In this “Secondary Treatment – how to maximize your treatment process” workshop you will learn about the treatment processes commonly used in secondary treatment operations. We will explain the conventional activated sludge process and how it is applied in SBRs, Oxidation Ditches, and other related treatment operations.

You will also discover how fixed film secondary treatment works and why it is being replaced by more modern treatment approaches.

During this workshop you will learn about selector zones, how they work, and how to utilize them in your treatment process to achieve the desired outcome.

We will explain how nitrification and denitrification effect your plant and explore effective strategies for how to work with the nitrification / denitrification cycle to optimize your overall treatment process.

In our class you will also explore how to fine tune your treatment processes to get the best quality, meet your regulatory requirements, and be cost effective.


This workshop provides you with essential knowledge of the secondary treatment process necessary to succeed in your career and obtain or maintain your wastewater operator certification.